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COSA: 100% renewable energy now; CPS Energy: 50%+ by 2025

Although CPS Energy has been heralded as a leader in utility-scale solar energy development, renewable energy currently is projected to comprise at most 20% of San Antonio's energy mix into the future - even with new utility-scale solar to become operational in 2016 and new approaches to rooftop and community solar now in development.


Today, Austin Energy's production mix is 30.1% renewable (primarily wind) with an aim of 35% by 2020 and 50%+ by 2025, with 80% carbon-free energy production by 2023. Austin moved to power all municipal facilities with 100% renewable energy in 2011.


The City of San Antonio needs to set more ambitious goals for renewable energy use and production, including as their current leading energy production approaches are water intensive (CPS Energy is San Antonio's main water user) and carbon-emitting. As Austin and other Texas cities are demonstrating, 50% is well in reach.


Similar to Austin, San Antonio needs a commitment now to power all municipal buildings with 100% renewable energy, as well as to use public buildings as sites for renewable energy production.


Along with increasing the customer base and capacity of its windricity program, CPS Energy needs to launch and promote its planned solartricity program to allow customers - including municipal customers - to support solar development and production increases in San Antonio with their rate payments by opting for (when it is not mandated) 100% renewable energy .!ut/p/a1/jVLLUoMwFP2WLsiuJdCq6EzGQWprWxWrfSAbB-g1TaUJhkDUrxdwo06rzUweJznnJvfkmqEZmCGPSkYjxQSP0hqHx0_YduwrD9uj4YntYHfoXUyOFrfWHcYV4fE7wb_0-3i08BeuP_Hw0OseqN_TXPyffnzABba88W6oGWaRWrcZfxZmIIGDjuIU2pnQINu0wrJJuha4PO46lUDCM0iQnUJWTqyVys4MbGCtdYcKQVPoJGJr4Or0PI-IQjJRZINeCYJcJiRHuShkAkRDjJIV6aESVgR7Hp4ONm4fVTJSxzSsrmtY9qDuUZErxuu30PcmeLWns7yeMiFVlDYkaMZYFKpeAC-ZFHwLvIH7M0PAiP32OFuEcXLd8xOqH-Z81J_2KSpyStzBdOPdDiV-kffHVqbttzQcrxh7Ws6WFvaLMUVxuSVx2XFOd5m0Frkyg5_mmEsz_OuDprj3m7Cjgr4I-0sk286Dj2tYOup0xNxW6xOCqRSU/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/



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