FY2016 COSA Budget

Complete Planned (2013-14) Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail Ring

COSA, SARA and downtown boosters appear to have lost sight of the plan for a connected ring of multi-use (hike and bike) trail throughout much of San Antonio and linking with downtown along several routes including the Westside Creeks Alazan and Martinez - with planned trail extensions and connections promoted in local media as well as at various meetings and conferences and supported by Bexar County voters (as sales tax increases).


COSA's 'ultimate' Howard W. Peak Trails System Plan (2014) has called for funding and constructing 32.4miles of additional trail to complete a connected trail greenway throughout San Antonio with the following work:


Leon Creek

- Pearsall Park to Medina River (12.4 miles)

- Lackland AFB (5.2 miles)

- Military Dr. to Rodriguez Park (2.4 miles)


Salado Creek to San Antonio

River (SE side) (8.3 miles)


Westside Creeks - Martinez and Alazan Creeks (4.1 miles).


In 2015-2016, COSA should focus towards funding and building the remaining 32.4 miles of trail needed, prioritizing routes connecting with downtown and serving established neighborhoods and likely to help boost the City's dismal annual Fit City Index ranking (currently 47 of 50, based, in part, on walking access to parks and park space).


In concept, the Howard W. Peak connected greenway system has been embraced and endorsed by many residents, visitors and outside observers. In reality, sections of the city including just a few miles west of downtown have been left isolated by trail work that has long been planned but has not yet been allocated resources and built.






Trails renamed for former Mayor Peak(Express-News, 2013)



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Westside Creeks Restoration Project Conceptual Plan (approved 2011)



American Fitness Index (2015)




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