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Fast way to report traffic fixes

I wish there were some technologically fast way--e-mail, tweet, FB post--to report a fix for traffic screw-ups _that has recourse_--that is, returned correspondence acknowledging receipt with a personalized result about the response ("We investigated your claim, and have decided . . ." or "The person you need to contact about that is . . .") I care about good traffic flow and don't want accidents, but the many people who travel the roads day after day usually have good ideas about what works and what doesn't. Please don't believe the police can do; improving/managing traffic is a low priority for it. • Specifics: I've called 311 to report a traffic light out (the red light at John Saunders and Sandau), and it still isn't fixed (after two months!). The lights are out of sync at Jones Maltsberger/Sandau and 281 too. What about good suggestions for places for lights to be flashing between midnight and six on "school nights" (especially downtown)? And good suggestions for speed limit adjustments (cough*Wurzbach Parkway*cough), including frontage roads and side streets, or where there are no speed limit signs at all (Vista View)?



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