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Improve public online COSA meetings and events calendar(s)

There are lots of opportunities to be involved in COSA planning and decision-making meetings as well as COSA sponsored or held social events, although it is currently difficult to know when and where these public meetings and events are held or to plan for involvement - leading to missed opportunities for participation, competing meetings and events, etc.


COSA's current online comprehensive calendar of different public committee and Council meetings appears to project only one week forward at a time, and it does not seem to synch well with calendar software (for meeting and event reminders, etc):


One government example for COSA to look at - projecting meeting times and locations at least a few months into the future and synching with calendar software - is the Alamo MPO calendar:


Beyond providing a preview of upcoming meetings, COSA's comprehensive online calendar could also include a layer showcasing upcoming (as well as documenting past) public social events.


COSA currently appears to operate multiple web-based public meetings and social events calendars in various formats that should be combined in at least one publicly accessible website and with easy synching with calendar software:


Here are some of the COSA calendars that a quick web search reveals:


Simply for example and as likely interest to members of this online community, the following public meetings were held in March 2015 in addition to Council sessions and documented with COSA's current comprehensive calendar (which does not document the numerous COSA-sponsored and held social events held in March 2015 or promote upcoming meetings as well as social events ):


- Convention and Visitors Commission

- Linear Creekway Parks Advisory Board

- Cultural Arts Board

- Building Standards Board

- Mayor's Task Force on Preserving Dynamic and Diverse Neighborhoods

- Cultural Arts Board

- San Antonio Public Library Board of Trustees

- Governance Committee

- Planning Commission

- Conservation Advisory Board

- Public Art Board

- Westside Development Corporation

- Head Start Policy Council

- High Profile Contract Council Committee

- Parks and Recreation Board

- Transportation Advisory Board

- Building Standards Board

- Historic and Design Review Commission

- Infrastructure and Growth Committee

- Airport Advisory Commission

- Small Business Advocacy Committee

- Zoning Commission

- Quality of Life Committee

- Audit Committee

- Board of Adjustment

- Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 16 -- Brooks City Base

- SA2020 Commission on Education

- Citizen's Environmental Advisory Committee

- Intergovernmental Relations Committee

- Disability Access Advisory Committee

- Community Action Advisory Board

- Public Safety Committee

- Small Business Advocacy Committee




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