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VIA Metropolitan Transit: #ElectricBuses

Media reports suggest that San Antonio's VIA Metropolitan Transit (VIA) is considering upgrading its 40-foot bus fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles -- to be fueled by CPS Energy natural gas infrastructure, including a proposed new pipeline from the Eagle Ford.




Natural gas pipelines and infrastructure pose various hazards to the San Antonio public, including via the emission of greenhouse gases.






The current VIA proposal provides CPS Energy, VIA , the City of San Antonio and Bexar County little incentive to increase renewable energy production and use -- with San Antonio lagging far behind Austin in renewable energy use and sourcing despite recent utility-scale solar gains in San Antonio.


In contrast, VIA upgrading to electric buses could support local renewable energy production, cut emissions and provide operations improvements including better acceleration, safer conditions for drivers and passengers, less noise and less expensive fueling and maintenance -- in part why the City of San Antonio and other local bodies promote the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.




Electric buses are proven technology and up-front costs have dropped significantly (with lower operating costs over the lifetime of the vehicles, particularly when powered by renewable energy). Electric buses are also thought to be gateways to more electric vehicle use by the public and the most appropriate public transit for historic urban areas




Unfortunately, the current VIA Request for Proposals (RFP) to update the bus fleet is biased against electric buses, emphasizing CNG and diesel options.




SIGN THIS iPetition to tell VIA that the current RFP should be changed and future RFPs written to welcome the competition and benefits of #electricbuses.



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