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WaterSaver / WSUD landscaping on COSA lands by sidewalks

Currently SAWS is offering various incentives to remove grass from residential property, replacing with mulch and native plants - including via the WaterSaver landscape program:


Meanwhile in D7, new residential sidewalks on some streets are currently being finalized with the installation of new grass turf on COSA property between the curb and the sidewalk.


COSA should work with sidewalk contractors, SAWS and San Antonio River Authority to complete WaterSaver landscaping on COSA lands between the curb and the sidewalk - particularly when new sidewalks are constructed.


COSA offers residents free coarse / heavy mulch that could be used in this landscaping, potentially reducing the costs of sidewalk work as well as brush pickup costs and helping to mitigate flooding by retaining more stormwater and supporting the growth of native plants on COSA property near the street.


For details about free mulch in San Antonio, see:


For one example of what COSA could do with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), see:



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